World of Warcraft wants you to be happy with your class

Holy elves, Elfman!

Are you happy with your World of Warcraft class? Oh, there’s always something to complain about, although some players have more legitimate grievances than others in this regard. It’s with great hope then that the WoW community is hoping that Blizzard will adjust the odds in their favor when Patch 7.1.5 arrives.

Today’s live developer Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas mostly centered around specific questions about class issues and Blizzard’s sometimes non-committal answers on those. There was also a lot of discussion about legendary items and reducing the artifact knowledge grind for alts. While the community doesn’t seem overly satisfied with all of the answers given in this video, Hazzikostas assured players that the studio wants players to be happy with their characters and not avoid certain specs.

Wowhead has a point-by-point summary of the hour-long Q&A session. If you’d like to watch the whole stream and catch all of the nuances of the conversation, we’ve got it for you after the jump.

Source: Wowhead, Twitch

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