ArcheAge suffers continuing server issues, rolls out Winter Maiden festival

Another day, another update to the ArcheAge mess — anyone with me in just feeling really sorry for Trion having to deal with this through Christmas?

Last night, Senior Community Manager Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan posted the team’s state-of-the-game update, noting that the EU Prophecy server’s seen its capacity boosted to reduce queues, which is now causing players to cry “lag!” The NA servers still haven’t been boosted because of disconnection issues. The team does still plan to fix the AFK kick issues, continue legacy account item grants, and eventually re-enable character transfers and name changes.

“Conversations continue late into the nights for both Trion and XLGAMES,” she writes. “Their team is using the logging added onto the servers yesterday in order to better track what may be causing these waves of game disconnections.”

Meanwhile, the game began the Winter Maiden festival, which we’d like to point is one of the prettier names for a holiday event ever — players will be zipping through quests and achievements to earn festival coins, pets, cosmetics, and deco. At least as long as they can stay logged in.