RuneScape developer Jagex sees leadership reshuffle


RuneScape developer and publisher Jagex has a new bossman today: The company announced that former VP Phil Mansell will take over for Rod Cousens as COO and acting CEO. Cousens had been CEO for two years, while Mansell has been with the company for five.

In 2016, the UK-based Jagex announce its sale to China’s Shandong Hongda, a company then known chiefly for its mining operations, then its creation of a new company on the Chinese market, Zhongji Holding, which is focused on RuneScape.

2001’s RuneScape was nominated for our Most Underrated award last year and made it into our top 10 list of healthiest MMOs, as it saw its highest profits ever in 2015, its 250,000,000th player, and a constant parade of content updates, spinoffs, and legacy server nods, culminating in a Chinese expansion and new London offices. The game is planning three expansions in 2017.

Source: Press release

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