Project Gorgon wants your help to test out its Orc dungeon


Project Gorgon’s biggest and toughest dungeon is now in the game, but the developers have a confession: They’re not sure how tough or easy it is. Since the MMO uses an open dungeon approach, such places need to be tested by player groups of various size to see how they function.

“This is the first development snapshot with Gazluk Keep, the HUGE level 70 group dungeon,” the team posted. “It’s designed for groups of five or six players levels 65-75, and it’s full of riches, secrets, and adventures. But here’s the thing: we have no idea how difficult it is. Impossibly hard? Laughably easy? It’s your job to find out and tell us!”

In this past weekend’s patch, Project Gorgon scaled several mobs up to the cap of level 70 and added a command for players to restrict certain types of undesired interactions from other players. The team said that a “big graphical update” coming in the next patch for the starter town of Sebule, so stay tuned.

Source: Patch notes
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