EVE Online’s huge stations will soon mine entire moons

That’s no moon, it’s a space station… that’s mining the innards out of that moon.

It is, of course, one of EVE Online’s “upwell structures,” massive player-built facilities that float about in space and perform useful tasks. As last year’s citadels and engineering structures have proved a hit, CCP is now working on a new type of upwell structure, refineries, for its next patch.

“Refineries will be the premiere structure for resource collection and processing, with bonuses to reprocessing and the exclusive ability to fit moon mining and reaction service modules,” the studio wrote. “These structures will usher in completely new gameplay for moon mining and reactions, as well as linking into future resource collection gameplay.”

CCP said that it has seen a huge amount of player interest and participation in upwell structures. Over 7,800 corps have one floating about in space right now, with four seeing more traffic and trade than most NPC stations in the game.

Source: EVE Online
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