The Black Death takes ‘drastic action’ to shore up early access


“Back in November 2016, we were seven months into early access, and it was clear to us the game wasn’t in the state we wanted it to be in. We needed to take some drastic action.”

This confession comes from the latest Black Death dev blog, which was penned to bring fans up to speed on the plans for this survival sandbox. The game is getting ready to release its V0.12 update on March 30th, which includes a day/night cycle, revamped player housing, over 10 new music tracks, additional spawn locations, and pillaging areas.

The patch will also showcase its reworked combat system: “Combat has prove to be a very difficult system to fine tune, it has a lot of moving parts and relies heavily on ‘game feel.’ With V0.12 combat is driven by an improved physics system meaning more accurate swings and hits, better feedback from striking different materials and a generally more responsive game play experience. ”


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Melissa McDonald

just my opinion, the subject, look, theme, is bloody depressing. Nothing about this says “this is a game I want to play”. so i’ll just stop there.

Danny Smith

Honestly they probably burnt a lot of interest out the gate with the original “its a setting that could be super cool, but its a zombie survival game!” pitch which they sort of relented on but that shit in 2016 was a good way to lose all interest real quick.

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I have to admit I’m insatiably curious about this one. Is anyone out there playing it?


Its seriously under cooked, minimal to non existent player base & I felt regret even at getting it on sale from GMG for £7.
Havent played in a while so current build may have sorted a few things but I would say hang on an see if it even makes it out of EA.

2Ton Gamer

Bought this back when it had been out for a couple of months when it was on sale and it’s just not really there as far as a decent well-made game. I wish it was, but it needs a ton of work and it’s really slow going, but I wish them luck with it.. On a side note, different topic, the comment log-in process for this site is a real pain sometimes. I would comment more if it worked better. So many hoops just to comment.


I’d classify it as very very early access, but the bones are great and all of the systems planned will make it into a very high-quality sandbox. The devs are responsive. It’s an easy “must buy” in my opinion.

Roger Melly

It’s not been on my radar till now but I am certainly going to look into it .


Last I checked, it was bare bones but the look, atmosphere, etc. has the potential to be very interesting.

Supposedly they have the funds to get the game up to launch, so it should hopefully be able to keep steadily improving. But this was very much a game that released in a very raw state and will take a good long while to cook.

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