The lights are back on for Akaneiro… for now

Well all right, then.

Back in September, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters was more or less shuttered, which meant that your dreams of an ARPG in which you smash monsters in Edo-era Japan as Red Riding Hood were also shuttered. The official announcement was that the game would remain online for the forseeable future, but the reality seemed to be that it had already turned into a buggy and unplayable mess without allowing players to log in and play. That seemed to be the end of the discussion… until this weekend, when the game began to come back online through the graces of the self-described one remaining developer at Spicy Horse Games.

Steam posts from said developer under the handle Aku state that the game has been restored to functionality and certain persistent bugs are being worked on, so the game should at least be playable. Of course, it’d be wrong to expect any major updates or further development, but the Steam version seems to at least be playable for some. That having been said, our staff reports being unable to log in on the game’s website, so take of that what you will. It’s not exactly a rebirth regardless, but a stay of execution is nice.

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