Paragon introduces its newest hero, Revenant

Boring plus boring equals still boring. Today in boring math.

Bear with us for a moment, here. You know there’s a game out right now that has a whole lot of characters but is allergic to any actual story, so most of what fans do is ship one character with another character. So what happens when Obnoxious Shotgun Edgelord and Just An Actual Cowboy Straight-Up In The Game hook up and manage to somehow have a love child? Well, Paragon has answered that question with its new ranged carry character, Revenant.

Don’t believe us? It sounds kind of unbelievable. Here, check out the reveal trailer just below in which you see a cowboy-hat-wearing specter of death with a shotgun revolver stomp around and shoot things. Seriously. If you’ve got some fanfics on deck about how such a thing would be possible… well, please don’t send them to us. We’re fine with leaving that as a biological mystery.

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Jeremiah Wagner

Does anyone play this?


Everyday. And rarely a problem getting a match. It’s fun.

Melissa McDonald

“Story” is overrated. Most MMO stories are generic and boring. What I want is a construct. I want QOL. I want crafting, cosmetics, mini-games, simply put, stuff to do. I don’t care beans about Prince Humpersmooch and his Uber Sword of Smackery, or how The Black Lord Daggerbutt usurped the Throne of A Thousand Skulls. I don’t need the cutscenes, or the alleged sense of purpose and immersion it would allegedly cause.
No, I want a nice playground. I want good cosmetics. I want making, crafting, buying, selling, doing. I’ve said it before, all you have to do is make a wedding dress available in the game, and you’ll have weddings. Just a few simple props, and people will make their own gameplay. LOTRO has instruments you can really play, then they added stages for public concerts. It’s stuff like that the PvE crowd appreciates.

Yeah I know we’re in a 3-year-or-so run in the “murder gankbox” PvP-nonconsensual MMO era, and all it’s done is cause me to stick to LOTRO and games where it’s not an issue (BDO handles it better than the other recent ones). All we can do is vote with our purses or wallets. But when a game is F2P we can’t even do that. ;)

Sega Box

“McCree could sense the room darkening behind him, shadows deepening. He heard the air rustling at the new presence. Somehow, the sound never ceased to make his heart beat faster. He should have hated the man – hated him for what he did to Overwatch, for what he did to the world – but he found that he couldn’t.

‘I thought I felt the darkness growin’,’ he drawled, not turning.

There was a step, and clawed fingers ran down his arms. ‘It’s not the only thing that’s growing,’ Reaper replied.”

Oleg Chebeneev

Thats badass

possum440 .

The two of you have created a very nasty Freudian slip. I’ll look away and head out the back door….

Melissa McDonald

ah no you just revealed your interpretation of the inkblot :)