Identity announces SpatialOS integration, delays town square module

It’s time to play catch-up on another interesting indie MMORPG, Identity. You may remember this as the contemporary life simulator sandbox that has raised over a half-million dollars in funding and promises to let people inhabit a virtual world not unlike our own.

The team at Asylum Entertainment has been chatty over the past few weeks, announcing some big developments for the project. The first piece of news is that the team behind Identity is partnering with Improbable to use SpatialOS to become a “scope-changer” for the project.

“The Identity team has been testing the waters with SpatialOS for a couple of months now and we’re incredibly excited about what it’s going to mean for Identity,” the team said. “Identity can now be what we all hoped it would be, a true MMORPG in scale. SpatialOS is going to power Identity behind the scenes, allowing absolutely enormous scale for our world and the people playing in it.”

Unfortunately, all of these changes have resulted in a delay of Identity’s first playable module, the town square. While it slipped its Q1 2017 window, the module should be coming sooner rather than later. Many basic features are set for the module, and the team has been adding more members over the past few months to speed up development.

When it arrives, the town square will be insanely immersive and interactive: “If it looks like it would have some sort of purpose in reality, we’re making it useful (or at least entertaining) in Identity, too! Grab a newspaper for the latest happenings, toss a coin into the fountain, or grab a can of soda from the machine.”

Source: Dev blog #5, #6
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Jesse, we have to cook.

Melissa McDonald

I feel like the games industry is passing me by. Practically every game and every article is about some “survival sandbox”. That’s pretty much the last genre I want to play. Maybe it’s time I went back to fookin’ Monopoly.
Oh no, sorry chick, you can’t be a thimble anymore. They replaced it with something else… /facepalm


Is the guy in the header image living in a van down by the river?


Guess you’ve never seen one of the most popular shows of this generation…… It’s called “Breaking Bad”


I was making a reference to Chris Farley on SNL which was long before that :D

Reselect Name

Anything that isnt another WoW clone has at least that going for it.

Oyjord Hansen

This game is on my radar. I think I could get into it, but the very small dev team, and the very sparse amount of info from them the past few months has left me a bit…skeptic. We’ll see.

Malcolm Swoboda

It is so intriguing. But so much could go wrong.