You’ve got mail in Shroud of the Avatar


Just ahead of the long weekend, Shroud of the Avatar rolled out one of its distinctly consistent monthly updates for early players. The so-dubbed Release 42 includes more combat and AI balancing, the Path of the Oracle content, Virtue Path battle scenes, advanced skill training, and of course, the new mail system.

“With Release 42, players will be able to receive mail notifications based on vendor transactions. When a vendor item is sold, expired, or removed, players will receive mail that notifies them of the event. The mail will also include the proceeds or refund from the transaction. Mail can be accessed at mailboxes, which are located at all banks throughout New Britannia. Mailboxes can also be crafted and placed at your house. Work is ongoing to eventually allow players to send mail to each other in future iterations.”

The game’s latest newsletter also includes a peek into the delayed Libris Ruins scene (a bit of a cross between Rivendell and Old Ascalon if you ask me) and the revelation that now over a third of the game has been properly translated thanks to community volunteers. There’s a few days left in the game’s special May free trial — anybody catching the tail end of that? And of course, Portalarium is gearing up for its next telethon on May 31st. Check out the new images and video!

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