Albion Online’s fantastic beasts and where to find them

ride the build train

Albion Online is riding high — in more ways than one. The fantasy sandbox is fresh off of the release of its Hector update and is rounding the bend toward its July launch. With Hector came the addition of several new mounts to offer players better and more specialized methods of transportation.

“Mounts are a great way to travel through Albion Online,” the team explained, “with each mount fulfilling a certain role in the game. Aside from the regular riding horse, armored horses and oxen, there are also several rare mounts and faction mounts, which provide an even bigger advantage to those who have managed ┬áto obtain one.”

All players will now be granted their own mule mount during the tutorial. If that’s not enough excitement for you, you can procure giant stags, transport mammoths, spectral bonehorses, swiftclaws, rageclaws, warhorses, and nightmares while playing the game. Then again, that mule does look pretty choice.

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