Dungeon Fighter Online welcomes the Female Priest


You’re not going to want to cross Dungeon Fighter Online’s new battle-hardened clergy. The action MMORPG introduced its latest class yesterday, the Female Priest, and she’s Joan of Arc with a disturbing secret. The class came about when special girls were forced to drink infected blood in order to battle the forces of evil more thoroughly.

The Female Priest can evolve into one of four different advanced classes: the Crusader, Inquisitor, Mistress, and Shaman. Each of these determines her weapon of choice (for example, scythe vs. rosaries) and the type of armor she can equip.

Coinciding with the Female Priest update is a series of in-game events, such as being able to earn a limited-edition damage font (that’s got to be a first), gifts for leveling up a Priest, free Mass Liberation weapons, a snorkling activity, and something to do with honey.

Source: Dungeon Fighter Online. Thanks Colton!

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