Terry Crews just didn’t fit as Doomfist according to Blizzard’s team

All right, so NEW spice.

Fans had an image in their heads about what Overwatch’s Doomfist would sound like. It included Terry Crews, and it probably included him hollering about Old Spice while punching people despite the litany of trademark issues that would cause. But Crews is not Doomfist, and thus Gamespot even asked Blizzard why the actor wasn’t cast as the punch-happy Talon leader.

The short version is that while Blizzard’s team loves Crews and the voice he would have brought to the role, it just wasn’t quite right for the character they had envisioned for Doomfist. Sahr Ngaujah, who does voice Doomfist, brought the right sort of subtlety and character to the role. This doesn’t preclude working with Crews for a different character, nor does it prevent you from screaming about body wash while you play the character, but we suppose when your character is named “Doomfist” and punches everything, you have to take the few opportunities that present themselves for restraint.

Source: Gamespot via VG24/7

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Rees Racer

Please don’t relegate Terry Crews simply to Old Spice adverts…he really shines in 4 years (and going) on award-winning Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Melissa McDonald

Blizzard is shite. Terry Crews is awesome. he’s outstanding on “Everybody Hates Chris”. A true comedian in body-builder’s physique.

possum440 .

Since I do not play any blizzard games this is a non issue for me. What is an issue are the continued attitudes of the developers, any developers, well the vast majority.

It is what “they” think, not what the customer wants or enjoys. It is their vision and their game, they will do what they want.

Sadly, a huge number of lemming gamer’s will allow them to do this.

Today’s gamer is a horse that is led to water, has its head shoved down into the trough by the developers and forced to drink, regardless of what it wants to do, because, well, weak minds.

Jeremy Barnes

Terry Crews would have cost money. In an effort to make a cheap game to part players with their money..it just didn’t make sense to spend money.


The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

They need to do something with yogurt.

Terry loves yogurt.