Johnny Depp will produce a TV show based on The Secret World

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, though I did a double-take too: Deadline is reporting that The Secret World aka Secret World Legends is getting a TV adaptation produced by Johnny Depp and his company Infinitum Nihil.

“It will center on a team of undercover agents and the shadowy war between secret societies: the Illuminati, Dragon and the Templar. Central to the plot is their battle against the supernatural in an adventure that spans across our world, and incorporates the realms of ancient myths and legends, as well as today’s conspiracy theories and headline news.”

There are several notable writers and producers attached to the show already, including Gudrun Giddings, who apparently optioned The Secret World’s media rights several years ago.

Well OK then.

Source: Deadline. Great catch, Bill!
Update: Funcom has now confirmed this with a press release. No new info.
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