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Fallout’s upcoming live-action TV series shares a brief scene ahead of its April 11 premiere

Prime Video is beginning to prime its hype engine for its upcoming Fallout live-action TV series. Following the first trailer and announcement of its...

The Fallout TV show is finally airing on April 11 – here’s the brand-new trailer!

Would you believe we've been talking about the Fallout TV show for almost four years? Yep! Announced back in 2020 and funded through Amazon,...

Fallout TV series creators talk about its characters, story, and attempts to hit a ‘mordant comedy’ tone

Fans of the Fallout franchise with an eye on Amazon Prime’s upcoming TV series have thus far dug up information about only the cast,...

Amazon Prime’s exclusive Fallout TV series confirms a premiere date of April 12 next year

Over the past couple of years we've been keeping track of the upcoming TV series based around Fallout, which was first confirmed in 2020...

Among Us is getting its own animated TV series sometime in the future

There isn't a lot of story to be told in the greater scheme of the multiplayer deceive-em-up Among Us, but apparently there's enough meat...

MMO game dev comedy series Mythic Quest debuts teaser trailer for upcoming third season

The story of the dysfunctional MMO game dev studio of Mythic Quest will continue to be told as promised. This year's San Diego Comic...

Fallout TV series unveils several members of its regular cast

Back in 2020, we learned that a TV series based on Fallout was in the works. The initial announcement confirmed that this new series...

Mythic Quest, the TV series about an MMO studio, is greenlit for another two seasons

One of the few bright spots of 2020 was the announcement of Apple TV+ show Mythic Quest, the Rob McElhenney-run comedy about a game...

It’s Always Sunny’s Rob McElhenney stars in MMO dev comedy Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

A new comedy series is coming to Apple TV+ subscribers that might interest MMORPG fans and fans of the comedy series It's Always Sunny...

Not So Massively: Mourning the wasted potential of Trion’s Defiance

One of my biggest gaming pet peeves is people declaring games "dead" before their time. If you can play it, it's not dead. This...

New Blizzard trademark filing rekindles speculation about Diablo TV series

You may remember that last year, there was a brief but passionate firestorm of speculation that Blizzard was gearing up to produce a TV...
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Johnny Depp will produce a TV show based on The Secret World

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, though I did a double-take too: Deadline is reporting that The Secret World aka Secret World Legends is getting a...