Sea of Thieves talks about bringing the game to PC


With 4,000 new players testing out Sea of Thieves’ technical alpha on the PC, the team has a lot to say about how this version of the pirate title is shaping up. Getting players into Sea of Thieves right away was a high priority, as was getting high resolution graphics going and allowing players to use arrow keys as optional controls.

“Every tech alpha that we do helps us improve the game so that when we get to early 2018 and we release the game to everyone, it’s the PC game that people expect,” said Windows 10 Design Lead Tim Timmins.

See what the team has to say about Sea of Thieves’ PC version after the break!

Source: YouTube
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I got my invite :) Will let you guys know of my thoughts once the alpha goes live next week.


I would be very surprised if there wasn’t an NDA on this.


Not sure. They said details would follow, but there was no explicit NDA in the announcement.

possum440 .

So you need Windows 10 to play the game? No Win7, 8?

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Jack Pipsam

Yeah it’s a Windows 10 app via the store.