Shroud of the Avatar Update 45 polishes several areas, adds Discord integration

Like a bridge over pointless waters.

Like clockwork, the end of the month heralds another patch release for Shroud of the Avatar. “Polish” is the keyword for this update, as the team works to bring the game up to spec for its official launch later this year.

“Release 45 is our first release after reaching the story complete milestone last release,” the team reported. “We are now able to focus on polishing the game experience. This release, we have rebuilt multiple scenes, added more quests, polished the user interface, and continued to balance combat.”

In addition to allowing players to separate chat into multiple windows, the team integrated Discord — at least a rudimentary form of it — into the game for the first time. Portalarium said that it was a close call to get this patch out this month, as the team lost a week of work when internal server software had a “meltdown.”

Source: Patch notes
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Victor Didra

To the combat questions, this month we get charged locked glyphs. It’s a pretty big deal, should speed up pre-combat buffing immensely, let you cast 5x buffed healing as you run away, etc.

And if you haven’t played since the beginning of the year, then you missed the Heat system for locked glyphs, that was a huge upgrade too.

This release Polearms and 2-Handed Blunt get animation overhauls. There’s quite a few spell and combat effects that have been coming in the last few months.

I was never really intending to do much combat in Shroud, I just wanted to run a store. But in the last few months it has gotten good enough that I found myself out and about with friends quite frequently.

But no, it’s not done. Sounds are hugely needed, for one thing. Fortunately Port just hired a sound designer!


I’ll have to try it again.
Just hope the constant loading screens are sped up. I do really like the exploration and world design/functionality.
Any improvement on combat is welcome, but at this point, I don’t think this will be your game if combat is a top priority for you.

Space Captain

Did they ever get around to polishing the combat?


It’s… relatively polished. I mean, nowhere close to what “AAA” MMOs currently have, but a helluva lot better than what the initial versions of the game had. I suggest trying it out yourself to get a good feel for it.