War Thunder adds Emperor’s Garden map, postpones War Diaries storyline

With a rousing game of Wingball wrapping up over the holiday weekend, War Thunder turns its attention to the next big addition to the game.

The team is hard at work on a new map that will take players into the Japanese Emperor’s Garden for some combat tourism. The map is specially designed to be both beautiful and foster close-quarter combat between more mobile and agile vehicles.

While players will get to enjoy the gardens before too long, they will have to wait a while for another anticipated feature. The devs had been creating “War Diaries,” story campaigns that would take players into the lives and journeys of specific soldiers. However, it sounds like this feature has been shut down for retooling.

“The current launch of war diaries has been cancelled due to specific inconsistencies, bugs and mistakes, sorry for the inconvenience,” the team said. “We will introduce a new version in the nearest future, stay tuned.”

Source: War Thunder, #2