ArcheAge goes offline for two days for massive server merges, land rush scheduled for Friday

It would be difficult to master this again.
We warned you about it back in July, and now it’s here. ArcheAge is merging (er, “evolving”) a dozen of its underpopulated servers down to four. This intensive process starts today and will require two days of downtime (even for unaffected shards) before the MMO comes back online September 9th.

When the game comes back up on Friday, these four servers will no doubt be the focus of an intense land rush as players and guilds seek to reestablish their claims. Trion Worlds said that it will gradually turn the shards back online one at a time and enable AFK kicking to keep things from getting too nuts.

You can check out the new server list for ArcheAge after the break!

Merged servers:

  • North America: Ollo, Tahyang, and Salphira to become Conviction
  • North America: Morpheus, Nazar, and Hanure to become Thunderwing
  • Europe: Kyprosa, Dahuta, and Rangora to become Tempest
  • Europe: Leviathan, Anthalon, and Sirothe to become Retribution

Unaffected servers:

  • Legacy servers: Aranzeb, Kyrios, Kraken, Shatigon, and Eanna
  • Fresh start servers: Reckoning, Vengeance, and Prophecy
Source: ArcheAge
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