Secret World Legends considers tweaking raid lockout timers

Among the bits and bobs going live in Secret World Legends’ update today is a set of raid lockout timers that look positively antiquated in 2017 period, never mind in an MMO intentionally retooled to appeal to a broader market. While story mode and elite mode for the raids (critically, the New York raid) are on different timers, that time is a whole week – excessive, some players say.

Gamers have pointed out that the community in Secret World Legends is too small to deal with lockouts like these. Moreover, as one player argues, the New York raid in particular is far shorter than raids with similar lockouts in other games, having just a single boss, and limiting raid rewards to drip out only once per week slows gear progression considerably.

The good news is that Funcom is listening to the concerns, though its response isn’t going to satisfy everyone.

“The NYR lockout system is something we’ve been talking about internally and we’ve seen a lot of recent feedback on the topicm,” Funcom’s Odonoptera says. “We hear you, and we are looking into allowing players to re-enter the raid in order to help their friends out. I don’t have an ETA on this yet but hopefully we’ll have more soon.”

That won’t help those of you patching up today, however, as Funcom says that the changes being considered are “not going live with the raid update tomorrow” and could instead “come in a followup patch shortly after.”

Source: Reddit. Thanks, sophiskiai!
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