Old School RuneScape is getting a new exclusive area, Fossil Island

Older schools.

It seems just the slightest bit off to call an area in Old School RuneScape Fossil Island, doesn’t it? Like an insult that isn’t meant as one. But it’s also an exclusive area for the old variant on the game, with players getting a chance to build a barge, sail to the island, and explore a prehistoric land full of the bones of creatures from the game’s distant past.

It’s also full of the bones of creatures from the very recent past, as players will encounter the skeletal Wyverns and have new skill opportunities dealing with them. Combine that with an expanded museum in Varrock, and players should have plenty to do on the island. It’s a new addition, but it’s also a very old one in the sense that it’s been rumored for a long while. Check out screenshots and key art just below!

Source: Jagex press release
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