Shroud of the Avatar’s R46 is live, with a stealing update, better load times, and plenty of polish


Shroud of the Avatar’s 46th Release is live today, the first monthly update in which Portalarium says it is beginning to “truly focus on [its] top 10 priorities for launch.” The studio says that the update features improved load times, polished or rebuilt seven scenes, fully reworked the Blackblade Pass area, whipped up the Highvale Outskirts, quest polishing, nine new side quests, and updated the Malice dungeon.

Halloween is also on the way; the patch includes some Halloween items, including a prison home. Oh yeah, and thieves, listen up:

“We have done a major rework of the Stealing System. The fines associated with stealing now escalate in cost each time you are caught and start much lower than they did before. Also, the number of times you are caught is now recorded by each town’s Magistrate so they can determine these escalating fines.”

The studio does note that it has delayed brewing skills and spawning revamp. Check out the whole list of what made it in and what didn’t in the patch notes.

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