Shroud of the Avatar announces big gameplay change and new trial


Following the release of its October content update a few days ago, Shroud of the Avatar’s weekly newsletter delivered a hodge-podge of smaller news pieces. These snippits include a spoilery look at the climactic setting of the Oracle Temple, more Make a Difference charity sale items, an announcement that the team will host a panel at SXSW in March, and the introduction of SOTA’s new web developer, Kory Kirk.

Portalarium said that it will be rolling out its next free trial in a few days, which will run from November 1st through the 15th. At this point, why not leave it on for good, really?

Developer Starr Long also informed players of one big change that will come in the November 16th update: “Artifacts will undergo a major refactor in Release 48 in order to better align them with the rest of the economy. In order to not have them directly compete with crafted goods they can no longer be repaired like regular items. Instead they will only be able to be repaired by salvaging other artifacts to get ‘Artifact Essences’ that will be used in Artifact repair. This will cycle Artifacts out of the economy and require players to re-acquire them periodically or destroy other artifacts (thereby simulating ‘production’).”

If you’re OK getting spoiled by the reveal of the Oracle Temple, check out the video below!


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tony quinn

Well if they are trying to sell this game through free trial runs, I would suggest stopping now. I played all of three minutes and was like wth is this. Not sure what phase it is in (no one seems to know) but the combat system is pathetic and the movement of the character was even more pathetic. Thanks gawd I did not spend one dime on this game.


The oracle has screens in a 360 fashion around her/him/it YET theres no ****ing way that chair can swivel.


agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

As a casual tourist of SotA, I don’t know what these artifacts are or how these changes are big.

Bruno Brito

I think this game could be covering it’s gameplay in gold, it wouldn’t be worthy the price.

Raimo Kangasniemi

I think SotA’s free trials are kind of alpha or beta tests, depending how far you think the game is.

Beyond trying to get a positive word out about the game cheaply.