Blade & Soul teases Dawn of the Lost Continent’s sights and storyline

When Dawn of the Lost Continent drops in Blade & Soul next month, the upgrade to level 55 will be accompanied by a “sweeping story of epic proportions,” or so NCsoft says. Indeed, a new dev blog highlights some of the highlights of the storyline – and some of the places you’ll go and gear you’ll get along the way.

“The Twilight’s Edge has been stolen by Mushin and Yura, with potentially world-shattering consequences. Meanwhile, Jinsoyun is still trapped in eternal slumber. But not all is lost as the recently captured Dark Vicar willingly revealed a cure in the lost continent of Solak—a distant land twisted by Dark Chi. The lost Yun city of Valindria will be the only safe harbor and your next destination in Solak.”

Thinking about returning? Last week MOP comment veteran Rafael noted that NCsoft has streamlined questing such that you can basically progress and pick up your legendary weapon along the main quest line with no need to grind. There’s some incentive, eh?


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Hey, that’s me! Lol. Thanks for the shout out. I’m quite honored you included me. :)

And yes, it is a good time to get back into BnS if you have any interest. No side quests necessary. No grinding dungeons or anything else for gear. And with the new level cap, everything will just get easier in terms of progression.

So, if you have any questions, post them here and I will do my best to answer them or point you to a link or resource that can.

My time in BnS has been rejuvenated due to recent changes. At the very least, I’ll be enjoying an MMORPG for the holidays and not just an event gimmick as is usually the case.

So, jump on in. It may be a bit of a free fall at first, but I promise you, you will learn to glide very quickly, literally.


Oh, btw. If you would like to meet me in game to go over anything and everything, I can do that too. I have a couple of open slots ready for leveling new toons so I can start from scratch if needed.