Blade & Soul’s Dawn of the Lost Continent drops Dec 6 as the game’s biggest update ever

NCsoft just keeps the Blade & Soul content train coming as the game slides into its second birthday early next year. Next up on the docket? Dawn of the Lost Continent, which lands on December 6th. The studio is calling the “largest update” to the game so far.

“Venture to the new land of Solak in search of the long-lost Yun city of Valindria as you continue on the sweeping story of epic proportions,” NCsoft says. “Continue to hone your martial artistry as the level cap increases to 55—including access to the new Hongmoon Ultimate Skills. These ultimate abilities come with a new resource bar that builds as you fight, allowing you to unleash a customizable attack of extraordinary magnitude once full!”

The new territory itself will send players trekking through act 8 and a bunch of new dungeons: a solo Heroic, two 6-man Heroic dungeons, and a 12-man raid called Snowjade Fortress. Check out the brand-new trailers, and then take a peek at the Golden Harvest events launching today!

Source: Official site. Thanks, Qarran!
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