Project TL replaces Lineage Eternal’s website


So… it looks like NCsoft is really sticking with the “Project TL” name, huh? The game developer replaced the old Lineage Eternal site with a new Project TL teaser page, further cementing the name and game direction change into its public vision.

Last week, NCsoft announced that Lineage Eternal was going back to the drawing board to receive a new Unreal 4 engine, add more MMO mechanics, and change its name in the process (TL stands for “The Lineage,” which just stumbles off the tongue).

Lineage Eternal has been in the works for years now, but it seems that NCsoft is playing it as safe as possible with the third main installment of its flagship MMORPG franchise. Steparu reports that current and previous Lineage Eternal testers will receive some sort of compensation from NCsoft for the delay and change-up.

Source: Steparu

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Bhima Jenkins

It looks great at least. Hopefully, if it ever sees the light of day, its as fun to play as it is to watch. I always jones over good particle effects.

Perdre Lechemin

Project Terminal Lineage

Sally Bowls

In the last conference call, someone asked about engines for the new games and the answer was

for the major games that are currently under development, they are going to use the same game engine, which would be Unreal 4.

So it seems like not just a new engine but the new engine. Standardization certainly seems like a good idea for me.