Trion ‘still in active discussions’ with Bluehole over Devilian


With the explosive success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in 2017, Bluehole Studio is rolling in media coverage, money, and popularity. But some of the studio’s players who are in another one of its games are genuinely concerned about the fate of their virtual world.

Devilian players penned an open letter to Bluehole after its subsidiary Bluehole Ginno Games was renamed as the PUBG Corp. back in September and the studio pretty much stopped all active development on Devilian shortly therafter. “From all indications, the entire Devilian franchise does not seem to have much support left for it at Bluehole,” the community wrote, asking Trion for further clarification on the future of the game going forward.

In response to’s inquiry into this matter and an ongoing Windows 10 issue, a Trion rep said, “We are still in active discussions with Bluehole Ginno to resolve the Windows issue, but there’s unfortunately not be much I can say at this point. Talks regarding support for the game are ongoing, and we’re hoping to have more information for Devilian players soon. We’ll be sure to let you know when we can.”

So on that note of uncertainty, go pick some flowers already!

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