OrbusVR shows off with a new trailer for early access

I sure hope it looks better in VR, anyhow.

The trouble with seeing VR images on a non-VR screen is, well, they don’t really carry the same sort of impact. The new OrbusVR trailer is full of stuff that probably looks a fair bit more technically impressive on a VR headset, after all. But it’s still a good trailer, and if you already have a headset kicking around (and possibly collecting dust), this might be the motivation you need to put it on and try the game out for early access.

Fortunately, the trailer isn’t just limited to beating things up; it shows off the game’s combat, but also things like pet ownership, gathering, exploration, and social gatherings along the way. You can watch the whole thing just below, even if you have no interest in VR for yourself but want to see what the first game made specifically for it looks like in action.

Source: YouTube
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