Ashes of Creation opens new storefront, alpha zero set to begin today


After weeks of silence, Ashes of Creation looks like it might be gearing up for the promised December 15th Alpha Zero test. While the team hasn’t recently confirmed that today’s test is still on track to begin, Intrepid Studios did open up the game’s new storefront yesterday to sell merchandise, in-game items, and four pre-order packs.

The pre-order packs are not necessary to gain access to the launch game (as that will be subscription-only), but they do contain several advance bonuses such as in-game currency, game time, accessories, and access to the different stages of testing. The $75 Wayfarer pack will guarantee Beta 2 access, while moving to the very top, the $500 Intrepid pack will get you in to Alpha 1 and beyond.

“We’re nearing the most exciting time of Ashes of Creation’s development,” said Creative Director Steven Sharif in a press release. “With the Alpha Zero test right around the corner, and more alphas and betas planned throughout 2018. We’re well on the way towards launching the revolutionary MMORPG of our dreams, and we could not do it without an unbelievably amazing community supporting us.”

Source: Press release, storefront
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