SMITE launches Frostfire Ullr, new Odyssey content while teasing what’s coming in January

SMITE has been stricken with Frostfire this week, and it’s a good thing: It’s a unique skin for the game, for Ullr specifically, acquirable for people who charge through the latest round of Odyssey content.

“Players will witness Ullr’s appearance change as he levels up, going from a fledgling elementalist to an avatar of fire and ice,” Hi-Rez explains. “When switching between Ullr’s melee and ranged stances players will see him transition from fire to ice with custom special effects, animations, and voice lines for each stance.”

Hi-Rez has also given players a peek at what’s coming early next year; in fact, expect new information rolling out even next week when everyone else is slacking. Of note, the January 5.1 patch will have a brand-new map for season 5. Have fun in there!

Source: Press release, patch notes, previews
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