Wild West Online posts its development roadmap ahead of a late winter release.

Eventually, we'll add women.

Here’s the bad news for Wild West Online testers: The game’s next big update has to wait until January, because the developers realized that deploying a big patch right before the holidays was asking for everything to break horribly. So you will have to wait a little while longer for that. On the bright side, though, the game’s full development roadmap is updated and free for anyone to peruse, so you can see what’s coming up even if you aren’t in the testing group.

Among the notable features on the roadmap are a number of public events covering bank robberies, crashed balloons, and hunting for artifacts, as well as homesteads and campsites coming in February. Skills are expected to be added in January, so if you want to get better at mining or shooting, you’ll need to wait a little longer; by contrast, female characters are expected to be added sometime after the release. Check out the full roadmap, and enjoy the slightly less feature-rich but wholly playable version of the game right now.

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