Fortnite’s map update spawns a new city and biomes today

A prison of your own making.

It may not be exactly all-new, but Fortnite’s battle royale map is definitely improved thanks to today’s loudly trumpeted update.

Patch V.2.2.0 expands and enhances the current battle royale map by fleshing out the western side with a new city, a mine, and other landmarks. Biomes have been made to be more distinctive as players traverse the terrain, and there are some cool new grass and water effects to enjoy. You know, as you’re fleeing for your life.

The update keeps on going, too. There is voice chat in the pre-game lobby, no more friendly fire (at least for the time being), a better sniper scope reticle, level streaming, better optimization, and fully destructable corn stalks. Practice true scorched earth policies while dominating!

Fortnite is on a tear in the PvP scene, with two million concurrent players and over 40 million downloads to date. Check out the map update overview after the break!

Source: Patch notes
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