ArcheAge Q&A session covers DDoS compensation, ice fishing, and fresh start servers

When there’s ice, you go ice fishing. And when there’s an ArcheAge developer livestream, you ask any and all questions that are on your mind about this MMO.

Trion Worlds recently sat down for a 52-minute Q&A session, covering topics such as the ice fishing event, Metallic Auroran crates, compensation for DDoS attacks, the fresh start servers (don’t expect too much in this department just yet), and new marketplace tokens.

Players who were affected by the DDoS attacks and the delay of the 4.0 public test server are being compensated as well. Every account will be receiving 5,000 labor, 3,000 honor, 4,000 vocation badges, 100 gilded stars, a chest full of random items, 30 gift coins, and more. These should be coming this week through the Glyph client.


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Will Martin

How about don’t worry with compensation. You can start by actually fixing the game. People are quitting in masses because of p2w and the broken regrade system among tons of other issues…. you could also start with listening to the community instead of being money hungry?


I would hazard a guess that the word “compensation” is most frequently used on this site in articles written about AA.

How many times does a “We’re sorry” from a publisher work before the playerbase walks away and you’re consolidating servers, reducing staff, and purging character databases?

When the book is closed on AA we’ll have a pretty good model for what wrong steps to avoid while making an MMO… including a long drawn out death that has no dignity.

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compensation for DDoS attacks

Ahh, compensation… That’s a slippery slope that I saw a lot of in BDO. Servers go down, or there’s lag, or a patch takes a little longer than announced and people scream bloody murder about not getting free shit from the devs.

When you start talking about compensating for DDoS attacks, however, you are, in my view, incentivising and inviting those attacks.

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Cosmic Cleric

Did they take any questions about the private server?