Fortnite’s Valentine event isn’t launching today [Updated]

Hope you PvE folks didn’t have your Valentine hearts set on that Fortnite update that was supposed to roll out today because… it didn’t. As we’d previously reported, Save the World mode was supposed to be updated with a themed questline, but it’s apparently been delayed.

“The patch is not set to release tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted on when we do plan on bringing it out though. :)” an Epic rep wrote on Reddit.

On top of that, players were apparently told that gold would reset, so people went out and spent it. The reset also didn’t happen, further inflaming the playerbase, which was already grumbly over the lack of communication and the dramatic shift of the game from being a PvE-centric building sandbox into a battle royale-focused PvP game with Save the World tacked on.

The Valentine’s Day buyables, however, made it in today.

Source: Reddit. Thanks, Kinya!
Update: Live now.

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Steve Fury

I totally understand that they’re just following the money with the PvP mode but the way they treat their PvE fans is quite frankly…shitty. No communication, no follow-throughs, and now they cant even get an event out on time. If it weren’t for those people buying the game in the beginning, Battle Royale woulnd’t have happened.


Yeah it really does feel like Fortnite was a bait and switch.

Maybe if the PvE mode goes belly-up (they’ve blatantly mentioned that there’s no work being done on actually finishing the third and fourth game areas, Canny Valley and Twine Peaks, which spans like levels 45-100 or whatever and abruptly ends the campaign) they’ll do what they did with Paragon and let people get refunds on Founders’ Packs…

Here’s hoping, tbh. Because this really is inexcusable from them.

Loyal Patron

If your multi-million dollar game developers can’t be assed enough to roll out of bed to get an event out on time then don’t even bother.

Not only are developers getting lazier and lazier by the day they are a bunch of slobs. Show some pride in your work for the sake of christ.