Stash increases its level cap and posts its development roadmap


Turn-based MMO Stash, which officially launched back in early January, continues to grow into its big boy britches. On February 20th, the game rolled out its fourth tier, a massive content update that contained content across the gamut.

For starters, the level cap has been increased to 40 and additional abilities have been added to the game, which should give players more carrots to chase. Players can also level up crafting to 40, explore new regions and dungeons, and face off against additional bosses. The title also added an armor cosmetic system to allow for the customization of a player’s appearance.

Along delivering the update, FrogDice posted a roadmap for Stash’s future. Some of the projects in the pipeline include more content for guilds, passive character abilities, runes, battlefield object interaction, more housing items, jewlery crafting, herb gardens, fish ponds, an achievement system, collections, and fishing.

Through Tuesday, Stash is running an event in which players will get XP just for being online (in addition to a host of other bonuses).

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