Treasure hunt in RuneScape with its updated clue scrolls mechanics

Cool, we get to live still!

RuneScape is getting yet another update today, and it’s another feature players begged for in last year’s round of Jagex surveys. We’re talking, of course, about the refurbished and more “streamlined and entertaining” Clue Scrolls system. We’re going on a treasure hunt!

RuneScape‚Äôs Clue Scrolls content sets players off on treasure hunt, with a series of clues, riddles and puzzles that lead towards a buried treasure. With the arrival of the Master Tier, Clue Scrolls now has five levels of both difficulty and rewards. Players completing Master Tier hunts stand the chance of finding over 60 new rewards of extremely high in-game value, including Second Age armour, evening outfits, and the high-level elite Robin Hood outfit, representing some of the most valuable non-discontinued items available.”

Jagex will be streaming more details at 11:30 a.m. EST today on its Twitch channel.

Source: Press release, official site