Dark and Light offers a video tour of the Mistvane Shrine

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It’s funny how something as little as a name change can make a big difference. Dark and Light has been talking a lot about the Air temple, which is a rather generic name; however, the new video tour of the same region has dubbed it the Mistvane Shrine. That’s the sort of place that seems like it has a proper name, and it only slightly sounds like a high-end vape store using the Papyrus font on business cards.

Regardless of the name, this is a new PvE area for players to explore, and the video will give you an idea of the twists and turns within the structure. Skip on down below to see the whole thing, complete with a look at some of the many battles you’ll be fighting there. It turns out that whatever you call a floating sky temple, the inhabitants are not entirely fond of visitors.

Source: YouTube
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