Overwatch is bringing back the Kings Row Uprising event with new hints of story


Last year, players were treated to a hefty event in Overwatch with the Kings Row Uprising. It was a PvE mode, it featured hints about the events back when the organization was still in existence, and it featured lots of skins. In short, it was everything people wanted. So it’s no huge shock that it’s coming back around again… and the tweet indicating as much contains hints that this year will offer even more.

Watching the tweeted video reveals a few flashes of “Classified” replacing “Confidential,” hinting that we’ll see more of what’s going on besides the story we already know. That could mean more antics with Blackwatch, more looks at the forces behind the uprising, or just a general fleshing out of the story. We won’t know the details until later, of course, so mark your calendar for the event’s promised return on April 10th.

Source: Twitter

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Bryan Correll

If it ain’t full of Skulls, Clockwork, and Lost (the last with toughest one standing on a cardboard box preaching to the others,) then it ain’t Kings Row.


PVE Mode shouldn’t be a once a year event. Uprising should have been the beginning of an ongoing multiplayer Campaign. That should have been updated everything or 3 or 4 months every year with new missions. Every new campaign mission could have been done like Uprising and just re-purpose preexisting PVP maps. So the devs wouldn’t have to build a brand-new map for a PVE mission to cut down on development time. They only have to worry about re-skinning the map & character models, getting voice actors in, to record lines, writing the story and coming up with new minions and bosses from time to time or just stick with the Omnic to keep things simple.

Dug From The Earth

yeah…. i wish they would keep this year round.

Kickstarter Donor
Peregrine Falcon

Kings Row event featuring a giant robot? Reminds me of a another MMO…