Skyforge streamlines and scales its adventure difficulties

The team behind Skyforge noticed a problem. Players who had hit the higher end of Prestige found themselves more or less locked out of useful Adventures as their rank was just too high, which isn’t ideal. It also reduced the number of different things that could actually be challenging for any given player. Thus, the team is planning to rework its difficulty structure to offer three difficulties for squad and group adventures that should provide a more universal mechanic.

Players will be able to choose between warm-up, challenge, and nightmare difficulty. The lowest will sync everyone to a Prestige level around that of the previous Invasion and reward appropriate gear from that, while challenge offers no sync and places you at the level of the current content. Nightmare, meanwhile, will boost the difficulty beyond the current cap and offer greater rewards (with more information due in the future). So no matter how far you’ve gone, you should have a challenge option to fit your character for a group.

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