Star Trek Online celebrates First Contact Day starting on April 5

It’s always nice when in-game events reference events that would matter a great deal to residents of that world even if they mean little in the real world. To the occupants of the galaxy in Star Trek Online, First Contact Day matters quite a bit, as it’s the day when humanity first encountered an alien race (the Vulcans, specifically). And now players can celebrate that event from April 5th through the 12th with a scavenger hunt through Bozeman, Montana!

It’s not just any scavenger hunt, of course; players will be hunting for suitable parts to build a replica of the Phoenix, the first warp-capable ship flown by a human. Players launch their replica models and compete for the highest altitude, with participants earning holographic memorial vouchers that can be traded in for special engines or holo-emitters. If you’d like to celebrate an achievement that hasn’t actually happened yet, just make sure you’re level 10 by April 5th to take part.


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I’m not a big fan of First Contact or the other TNG films, but James Cromwell nailed it as Cochrane. Star Trek is always fun when there’s a rascal around to show how square everybody else is.


you don’t like First Contact… dude what are you?…