The Black Death overhauls building, introduces guild systems, and wipes all the things


The Black Death is taking no prisoners with its latest patch, V.026. Also called Dominion, the huge content update makes some rather sweeping changes to some of the game’s core systems.

For starters, player housing has been completely overhauled with the new building system. Players no longer need land contracts to build but can plop down structures wherever buildable land is found in the world. If you want to secure a spot, you can now buy a land claim.

Other changes in Dominon include the introduction of three types of siege engines, the new guild system, and the removal of the Kingdoms of Bywick and Frostfall to make room for more buildable space.

The trade-off for so much new goodness is that the dev team had to wipe all characters, player houses, and kingdoms. Of course, what did you expect? It’s still in testing!

Source: Steam

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