Citadel: Forged With Fire upgrades to the newest Unreal Engine

Crashing through the sky comes a fearful whatever.

Today’s patch for Citadel: Forged With Fire brings the game up to the latest iteration of the Unreal Engine! That’s great news, isn’t it? Very special and wonderful. You are probably nodding along right now with no real understanding of what it actually means, because you are not a programmer and thus have no real context for it beyond “new version means good.” Luckily, the team has discussed what the engine upgrade actually means as part of the patch announcement.

This version of the engine brings lots of server optimization tricks from Fortnite into the game, so you can expect better performance there; the game has also swapped to an event-driven loading setup that will further improve overall performance when loading assets into the game. The patch also fixes a number of nagging bugs in the game unrelated to the engine, which means that it should be a more pleasant experience to play across the board.

Source: Steam

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Daniel Miller

Nice I like this game, But it is best when you play it with discord or other group friends, not ssolo.