Albion Online is adding respecs and a GvG training system next month

You couldn't have seen this coming, huh?

May 2nd is destined for glory thanks to the planned arrival of Albion Online’s midseason patch.

“On May 2, we’ll be launching a new patch that will bring several new features and updates to the world of Albion,” Sandbox Interactive explains. “It will bring numerous updates to the metagame and combat, including adjustments to the value of siphoned energy, the removal of GvG mage bonuses, a rework of siege camps, and a wide range of weapon and armor balancing changes.”

Don’t like your build? You’ll be able to take advantage of the new re-spec system that allows players to “trade skill masteries between different skill paths” at the cost of combat fame.

One of the more original features in MMOs is the GvG training system.

“As the first step toward a fully realized GvG training system, players can now conduct zero-cost, zero-risk GvG training battles. This will allow newer guilds to build team skills, and give more seasoned guilds the opportunity to test out new strategies and builds. In its initial phase, this system will operate via a chat prompt, and battles will take place in a choice of multiple settings. In future iterations, the system will be built up further, allowing for more sophisticated matchmaking and a choice of lethality and GvG maps.”


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bill bunny

This game gone the way of old yeller…..time to take it out back and tie it to a tree….


The respec thing on top of the horrendously boring/basic PvE combat is what killed this game for me. I just couldn’t bring myself to grind unimaginably boring mobs with unimaginably boring PvE combat for a spec that just ends up on the chopping block a month later in the next round of “balance” updates.

Making me still go through combat fame to fix my character that they break with each “balance” pass is still unappealing. Game is just too much work for not enough pay off.