Dauntless fleshes out progression systems in advance of open beta


If you checked out Dauntless in the past and complained that the game felt like it didn’t have enough in the way of character progression, then you may want to consider coming back for the open beta next month.

This is because Phoenix Labs is preparing a huge update for May 2nd that is devoted to injecting and fleshing out progression systems. When Seeking the Horizon update lands, players will get to touch on the “evergame” (their PR marketing phrase, not ours) side of Dauntless. The core of this progression system is “a new platform on which Phoenix Labs will build the stories of the world, the relationships with the characters that inhabit it, and the content they’ll be adding for years to come.”

Parts of this update includes a new and improved world map, a reputation system (you’re not going to escape that one, oh no), more choice in selecting hunts, an “evolving world,” more quest diversity, and better gear updates.

Source: Dauntless, press release
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I’ve tried it out a little bit, but after playing so much MHW, this game is just rough. Hit detection seems really weird and off at times, like the length of swords not actually hitting what they should be. Character movement is a bit weird and floaty, though I guess that can be forgiven since the whole game has that cartoony art style.

Hopefully some more of this worldbuilding and stuff is interesting enough to set them apart from MHW, in a good way rather than a desperate one.

Indigo Salma

Never got me interested , cause its just you and a huge monster , nothing else …