PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds apologizes for communication deficiencies, lays out top priorities


Players frustrated with the spotty communication from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ development team may have a legitimate reason for complaint. In a letter posted over on Steam, the devs admit that they had futzed up a bit and promised to do better in the future.

“Players have rightfully called us out for failing to address complaints about performance, and recently we haven’t done the best job of communicating about the changes we’re making to the game,” the devs said. “Today we want to change that by talking in-depth about the things we’re prioritizing.”

So what’s on the docket for this battle royale title? Expect to see a lot of improvements to performance, optimization, and the whole cheating situation. The team said that it has already made the game a lot harder for players to exploit through hacks and have started to take “serious legal action” against those creating cheating software.

Coming in June is the Sanhok update, with an additional map and weather effects, followed by the release of additional vehicles (such as the three-wheeled Tukshai) and weapons.

Source: Steam

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Jeremy Barnes

Strange. They didn’t say that their top priority was suing everyone else.