Identity’s town square module is almost ready for testing


With only three major tasks remaining on the board, Identity’s town square module is just about ready for player testing. This slice of the contemporary life simulator RPG has been in development for a long time and should give players an idea of the level of detail and immersion they can expect from this game.

In addition to engaging in crime or policing in the module, players have many other peaceful options. They’ll be able to grow and sell their own fruits and veggies, buy a bike to ride around, and even get tattoos.

Identity’s gameplay is unique,” the devs said. “There’s no game in the world which accomplishes what we’ve set out to create and as a result, this will be one of the most immersive gaming experiences available. In some senses, graphics weigh heavily on environmental immersion and we’ve really started to show Identity’s beauty in this last week.”

Take a look at some of the screenshots and livestream video from the town square after the break!

Source: Identity

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Robert Mann

Some point of interest there to me, even if I’m not really all that into the basic premises before this. I would like to see more of some of these sort of activities in a wider array of MMOs, and would really like to see more of some of the other systems if they aren’t just the conventional point, click, repeat at next node stuff.

Jack Tyme

In my 25 years of MMO gaming, I have never seen a MMO that is based in a metropolis. Grand Theft Auto: Online is that but it isn’t a massive MMO experience (16 vs 16 is no where near an MMO). APB is what come to mind next, but again…50 vs 50 is not an MMO experience, at least in my eyes. There are a few that do have the city setting. But none have the GTAish feeling to it.

So now Identity is coming soon, while I don’t know what the final product is to be, I expect it to be an MMO set within a real life metropolis, complete with thousands of players roaming this city.

No triple A developer has done this yet. I haven’t come across an indie game that does this either. And when Identity hits the market, watch all the clones pop up. Well it’s about time, I have been waiting since 1997 for an MMO set in a real city. I can’t F***** wait!!!!