PUBG Corp drops plagiarism lawsuit against Epic Games as Fortnite’s Playground goes live


It looks like the big legal feud between PUBG and Fortnite is already drawing to a close, as Bloomberg reports PUBG Corp. has withdrawn its lawsuit against Epic Games.

PUBG Corp. lodged its lawsuit in January, claiming that the Fortnite company had plagiarized PUBG’s interface and in-game items, which wasn’t the wildest claim around, as Bluehole had previously pointed out Epic’s potential for conflicts of interest thanks to its stewardship of Unreal Engine, on which both games are built. Plus, Fortnite was originally launched last summer as a co-op, PvE-centric building game but quickly added a battle royale mode in an apparent attempt to catch up to PUBG and had swept past PUBG’s saturation in just a few months, setting records left and right.

Neither PUBG Corp. nor Epic has discussed the case or PUBG Corp.’s reasons for dropping its suit. PUBG Corp.’s lawsuit against Netease apparently soldiers on.

Meanwhile, the Playground mode teased earlier this week in Fortnite is live today, or would be if the servers will stop crapping out from matchmaking problems.

Source: Bloomberg
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