Citadel: Forged with Fire begins testing major game overhaul


Citadel: Forged with Fire underwent a major evolution yesterday as it began testing out a major overhaul to the game’s core systems and the addition of several new features. This test, which hasn’t yet been ported over to the live servers, represents another big step toward release.

“Starting right now, you will be able to access a special test branch of the game, granting you an early opportunity to try our new spellcrafting, farming and cooking features,” the studio said. “Additionally, Citadel has been rebalanced and reimagined from top to bottom. Player progression has been tightened up, AI and optimization have been greatly improved, and the Ignus’ visuals have been enhanced with a ton more life and vibrancy.”

Citadel is currently 50% off on Steam at $12.50 until July 5th.

Source: Steam
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Daniel Miller

I always try to get into the game. But i die brfore i do much. No biilding, lose all loot and never get far. Game looms cool but needs a better starting activity


Cant wait to come back and fly my broom!