Rend posts its alpha roadmap and highlights the Highlands


Curious where the survival sandbox Rend is at in its alpha development? The dev team posted a roadmap on the site that shows current (control points, the Reckoning, taming) and future (UI polish, character rework, more biomes, talents, perks, high-tier crafting, social systems) feature goals.

The team also shone a spotlight on another one of the game’s biomes, the Highlands. This wild are will be full of “stony fields and sloping foothills,” marked also by huge monolithic pillars that can be seen across the landscape. It’s these pillars that form part of the mystery of this biome, which players will uncover as they rush to build an outpost and defend it from other factions.

Get to know what Rend is about with our extensive look at the title from E3, in which we said that we were “optimistic about what Rend brings to both the MMO and survival genres.”


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There is something about this game – and I cannot say what it is – that is keeping it from my radar. Even though it seems interesting enough, I keep losing interest reading about it midway rhough articles, I glance at the screenshots and click them away, … thinking about it, it’s kind of fascinating really, how fast my interest level seems to dissipate.

It’s somehow as if this game was built with some stealth coating – I just can’t keep it on my radar. Something about the character design, maybe? – So please help me out here, guys, what’s so fascinating about Rend?


For me too… Mainly because I don’t know if they have any plan about a melee combat system or if it will be ranged-only…