Black Desert takes nodes and conquest offline for a new ruleset

Don't camp here.
When Black Desert updates on July 18th, new rules for Node and Conquest Wars will be getting rolled out along with the other changes. In order to facilitate this, the developers are ending the current battles for conquest on July 14th, which is this Sunday. The conflict will remain unavailable until July 22nd, when players can once again resume the fine art of smashing one another in the face to gain control of the landscape.

The official announcement does not mention what these changes will be, but as an international game players already suspect that it’s going to be the ruleset Korean players have been dealing with for some time. The down side is that these rules are almost universally reviled on the Korean servers, so the thread is full of people begging the developers to not make this change. So this may not be a case of players eagerly anticipating the wars resuming on July 22nd, in other words.

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